[Ironruby-core] Where is help needed?

John Messerly jomes at microsoft.com
Fri Nov 16 17:08:18 EST 2007

Peter Bacon Darwin:

> I was thinking about this issue last night.  I am interested in working
> on the number stuff (Numeric, BigNum, FixedNum, Float, etc) but I am
> concerned that a) Someone internally is already doing this and just as
> I am about to send in a patch a new splat of code gets popped across
> from the internal source control to SVN and all has been wasted; b) The
> quality/style/efficiency is not accepted by the maintainers and my code
> goes to waste.

If you want to look at numeric stuff, go for it. Our numeric classes could
really use some love. I know Tomas & I aren't working on those.

Regarding quality/style/efficiency--hey, my code gets rejected too sometimes :)

> It is a shame that the code is not being developed directly against the
> RubyForge repository as this definitely gives a feeling of them and us
> and makes it difficult to see what is being done, what progress is
> being made and it creates extra work for the maintainers ensuring that
> the internal and external repositories are synched up - there have been
> a number of issues recently about dodgy file paths and project
> references.

For what it's worth, I do a lot of my work against the SVN layout, so I
feel that pain too. The rakefile is still not perfect yet, but John is
working on it. Well, at least I complain to him when it's not working :)

> Some kind of work tracking tool would be beneficial, even if it was
> just a priority list of things that needed to be done so that people
> out here could pick up something.  I suppose the problem is also that,
> for instance, no one knows who I am and what quality of code I can
> produce and so it would be risky to allocate work to me.  How could
> this be solved.

I really liked what Evan Phoenix said at RubyConf about "free flowing commit
bit". We can't implement it quite like Rubinius but I think the idea is
anyone that does a good patch is trusted as someone who can do good quality

> My personal aim is to send in a few patches and hopefully, get enough
> feedback so that I am capable of producing code that is acceptable and
> fits in with the way the internal developers are working.  Then may be
> the risk of me putting time in would be reduced for me and the risk of
> the maintainers accepting that I am going to take on a task is reduced.

I look forward to reviewing your patches!

Also, keep in mind some of the feedback is just because there's a lot of
details to learn about, that no one could be expected to know without some
experience with the system. I had a decent ramp-up period myself to get
familiar with all of the stuff that goes in IronRuby.


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