[Ironruby-core] Where is help needed?

Peter Bacon Darwin bacondarwin at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 16 08:06:19 EST 2007

I was thinking about this issue last night.  I am interested in working on
the number stuff (Numeric, BigNum, FixedNum, Float, etc) but I am concerned
that a) Someone internally is already doing this and just as I am about to
send in a patch a new splat of code gets popped across from the internal
source control to SVN and all has been wasted; b) The
quality/style/efficiency is not accepted by the maintainers and my code goes
to waste.

It is a shame that the code is not being developed directly against the
RubyForge repository as this definitely gives a feeling of them and us and
makes it difficult to see what is being done, what progress is being made
and it creates extra work for the maintainers ensuring that the internal and
external repositories are synched up - there have been a number of issues
recently about dodgy file paths and project references.

Some kind of work tracking tool would be beneficial, even if it was just a
priority list of things that needed to be done so that people out here could
pick up something.  I suppose the problem is also that, for instance, no one
knows who I am and what quality of code I can produce and so it would be
risky to allocate work to me.  How could this be solved.

My personal aim is to send in a few patches and hopefully, get enough
feedback so that I am capable of producing code that is acceptable and fits
in with the way the internal developers are working.  Then may be the risk
of me putting time in would be reduced for me and the risk of the
maintainers accepting that I am going to take on a task is reduced.

My 2 pence


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As I've seen there's plenty of things to do!

By the way, I started to work on StringIO but never asked if someone
else is already on that... is there anyone?

Eduardo Flores

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