[Ironruby-core] Patch submission - sockets

Terence Lewis lewistm at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 08:35:22 EST 2007

Hello list,

Please find attached the beginnings of a sockets implementation for
IronRuby. Included in this patch is the following:

- Class BasicSocket
- Class IPSocket
- Class TCPSocket
- Class TCPServer

These classes aren't completely fleshed out, but they are functional
to the point where I could create a very primitive web server using
TCPServer that returns a dynamic HTML page which displays the current
time, and read that page using either TCPSocket or my web browser.

A couple of points:

1)	I haven't yet signed the contributor agreement. I did email the
address listed on the wiki, but I haven't heard back from it yet. I
presume this is because of the holiday season.
2)	This is my first contribution to an open source project, and I'm
under no illusions as to the many flaws in this code. Any comments,
criticism or suggestion is welcome, and I assume that the code will be
reviewed before being accepted.
3)	There are no automated tests with this code :(. I'm more than happy
to write tests, but I need some help and guidance about what tests to
write (or use if there are existing tests for this functionality in
JRuby or Rubinius). It seems to me that testing sockets is quite hard,
because of the need to make sure the tests run on different machines
and networks.

Thanks for your time

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