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I just found this comment on " Rob Conery's " Blog about  SubSonic and the
future of MVC . I am pasting as it is.

Hi Rob,

Very good informative blog indeed.

I am curious to know one step ahead, since after few months DLR would be the
preferred way for other dynamic languages to enter .net world.

As per John Lam, the person behind IronRuby… He says…" My mission would not
be complete, if i cannot run Ruby on rails with Iron Ruby ". I want to make
Ruby as Class 1 language for DLR.

Ok great move by MS for porting all other good languages to DLR.

But the question that arises is… " How will IronRuby run Ruby on rails on
DLR without Active Record….?

(1) Will they develop new Active Record type tool that runs only on DLR.

(2) Will they utilize SubSonic in a different way, that runs as totally
Active Record Solution for DLR.

(3) Ruby On Rails is also an MVC… Will IronRuby create a different Ruby on
rails MVC for DLR. that supports SubSonic…

OK… it sounds to early now… But worth thinking whats going to happen in
future. SilverLight 2.0 is based on DLR and arrives almost in March 2008, so
my question is only 3 months ahead not very far…

Hope i am able to clarify few things.

The answer from Rob is here...

@Paraag: Rails is simply a stack that runs on Rubyw.exe - in other words a
bunch of scripted commands that live in a directory. The thing here is that
the Rails app is handled (as of now) by Rubyw.exe (through CGI).

The thing Jon is making is (essentially) a replacement for Rubyw.exe - so in
essence a Rails app should be "droppable" onto the DLR.

Now I've never played with IronRuby - this is just what I'm guessing at. If
I'm wrong - someone out there lemme know cause my whole thought here is you
can still do Rails - just execute it (5 times faster) using the DLR.

Hi John,

Per haps you can focus more on this. Here's the original thread...

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