[Ironruby-core] Build issues?

John Lam (DLR) jflam at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 3 17:51:20 EST 2007

Tomas Restrepo:

> > You'll need to use the IronRuby.sln solution and not Ruby.sln. This
> runs fine here:
> >
> > msbuild /p:Configuration="Debug" IronRuby.sln
> Nope, doesn't work here. It breaks when compiling Ruby.csproj with a
> bunch of missing references errors. (the DLR builds fine, but the
> IronRuby project can't find it, and same for the libraries project).

I just deleted my svn directory and re-synced with r65. MSBuild it blew up the first time I ran it, but then it compiled fine the second time around. It looks like something might be screwed up with build ordering.

Does rake compile still fail out of the box with r65?

If you can mail a text dump of the build output that will be helpful in diagnosing what might be busted.


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