[Ironruby-core] Build issues?

Phil Haack haacked at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 16:52:24 EST 2007

I was able to build by setting the solution configuration to 
ExternalDebug and then building.

As for rake, I needed to do this first:

gem install pathname2

Then when I did rake compile, I got some runtime error in rake. :(

Building from VS seemed to work for me.


Tomas Restrepo wrote:
> Am I the only one having issues building the current IronRuby/DLR code?
> Some of the issues I've noticed:
> 1- "rake compile" seems to brake for me always, because it deletes the
> output directory first but doesn't recreate it, and then the
> compilation for the resources in Microsoft.Scripting.dll breaks
> because of it.
> 2- Manually creating the output directory and then doing "rake
> compile_dlr" followed by "rake compile_ruby" works around the issue.
> But, that brings me to another point: There doesn't seem to be a rake
> option to build IronRuby.Libraries!
> 3- Building using msbuild.... not working so well, either, as some of
> the projects still seem to have project references that use the old
> directory names...

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