[Iowa-general] Async again

Mark Probert probertm at telus.net
Mon Oct 4 13:51:10 EDT 2004

Hi ..

On Mark Probert wrote:
> The trouble is that on each refresh, I get a pop-up from IE saying
> that I need to do a page reload.  When I do that, it retriggers
> run(), which forks a new process, thus creating a new tempfile.
> So, the tempfile is different each time, which means that the thing
> never stop :-|

Solved the first part by putting a PStore check around the query.  

  def run(key)
    fn = check_running(key)
    return fn if fn

    fork do
    fn = add_running(key)
    return fn
The popup though stumps me.  It says:

 "The page cannot be refreshed without resending the information.
  Click Retry to send the information again,
  or click Cancel to return to the page you were trying to view"

The other funny thing is that I am getting a "no block given" error on the yield 
to the new display page.  Not sure what is causing that yet, though it is 
probably related.

Any ideas?


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