[Iowa-general] Iowa + CSS / XSL?

Mark Turner markt at govirtual.com.au
Sun Oct 3 06:45:04 EDT 2004

Here's another adventure!

There's a few pages out there describing the translation of xml into 
html/pdf/somethingElse using XSL.. as an application!
I'm sure they've not happened across Iowa!

Well, they've been busy at the W3C, there's some awesome new acronyms 
humming out there.

I'm halfway up to speed with xml, css. Though another investigation was 
triggered by finding xsl.
This is css on xml steroids.

Though with xsl there does not have to be any html!
The html is generated as a combo of the xsl, xslt, xml + dtd + FOp.

A server 'engine', fop is usually used to generate the required 'look' 
and 'feel'.
I did get this drift a while back, though it's different when I've found 
a favorite framework to use.

An interesting article on refactoring.

Some hints here.

What function is in the FO processing that would be usefully integrated 
into Iowa?
I've had a quick look around for FO in Ruby, though nothing obvious appears.
My question is this:
Am I asking the right question/s?

Regs, Markt

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