[Instiki] Instiki 0.16.6 RELEASE

Matthias Tarasiewicz mt at mutti.jp
Mon May 11 13:59:06 EDT 2009

* 0.16.6!
All the props go to Jacques Distler.
Please Report Bugs here: http://bug.to/projects/show/instiki


New Features:
* More colour schemes: blue, brown, scarlet red, and plum.
   (From Jason Blevins)
* History Pages: created a history page for each wiki page.
   Link to it and to the "Diff" page from "Recently Revised".
   (from Jason Blevins)
* Support for SVG clipping paths
   (requested by Andrew Stacey)
* Updated for itex2MML 1.3.8. (You should
   upgrade that, as well.) Support for blackboard bold lowercase
   letters and digits.

Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed several bugs in Maruku, where "greedy" regexps
   could lead to exponential slowdown on certain inputs.
* Fixed a bug in listing/deleting links to uploaded video and
   audio files.
* Fixed some caching bugs.
* Removed the defunct list.dsbl.org from anti-spam dnsbl lookups.
* Resolved a conflict between form_spam_protect plugin and IE7.
   (thanks to Jason Blevins)

Matthias Tarasiewicz
Board Member of 5uper.net

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