[Instiki] Instiki now on GitHub

Matthias Tarasiewicz parasew at 5uper.net
Thu Feb 19 16:01:56 EST 2009

Gentlemen, we moved Instiki to GitHub.
Find the latest Development Tree here:

If you want to contribute, please only use the github repository from  
now on, fork from the url above and send us a pull request
see http://github.com/guides/pull-requests

the svn on rubyforge will be closed soon.
we are currently working on a new forum that is closely tied to the  
instiki mailing list. please let us know if you have any previous  
issues that have not been resolved!

bug tracking: there were several bug trackers for instiki around, we  
are currently moving to a new one, which will also be ready soon.

happy forking!

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