[Instiki] inistiki site down.

Matthias Tarasiewicz parasew at 5uper.net
Sat Sep 22 05:29:17 EDT 2007

the site is up again,
actually this should not happen, since instiki.org has a cronjob to
check the mongrel status and restart it, if it's not running - but
looks like the .pid file was not removed. i added this case to the
cronjob, so now we should be up forever! :)

for your spam issues you might want to take a look at the 0.11.pl1
version of instiki where we use the hivelogic enkoder. this reduced
the spam on instiki.org to 0%


On 9/22/07, aaron smith <beingthexemplarylists at gmail.com> wrote:
> Instiki site is down. I need to see some resources on there for handling
> spam..
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