[Instiki] Problems installing instiki 0.11.0

Punit Rathore punit.rathore at gmail.com
Fri May 12 13:23:28 EDT 2006

  Thanks for y our reply.  I am trying to do a fresh install first ( before
I migrate). My goal is to get the default page up that lets you configure
your hompage etc.
   I did try with "rake environment RAILS_ENV=production migrate"  but to no
avail.  Is there any way to turn on the error logs ? Currently my log file
is empty and I have no indication as to whats going wrong.

Hi Punit,

Sorry to hear about your difficulties.  I gather that you followed
the basic instructions at the top of the README?  Did you check out
the section down lower titled "Migrating Instiki 0.10.2 storage to
Instiki 0.11.0 database"?  If so, did that work for you?

Also note that rake migrate must be run as "rake environment
RAILS_ENV=production migrate" -- this is a documentation error in the
0.11.0 release that is fixed in source control... not that that's any
help to you!

-- John
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