[Instiki] bug report: categories working strangely

Alexey Verkhovsky alex at verk.info
Tue May 2 23:20:27 EDT 2006

Hi all,

Re categories, it is indeed a known bug.

I've done some work on it, but haven't quite nailed it yet, judging by

> It appears at times  
> almost to be an abandonned program.

Well, it's definitely not at the top of my priorities, sorry about that.
I do some work on it every once in a while, but other endeavors take up
most of my spare time. 

As I wrote on this list before, if you are able and willing to take over
the Instiki development, please get in touch.

Having said that, until somebody else steps up, I'll try to maintain the
project (i.e., fix bugs, accept or reject patches, upgrade to new Rails
versions, keep the web site and so on). Please don't expect anything to
happen overnight though :)

Best regards,
Alex Verkhovsky

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