[Instiki] simple question - ?

Tom Cloyd tomcloyd at bestmindhealth.com
Mon Mar 27 03:22:21 EST 2006

I'm finally setting up a remote Instiki instance, as a redirect from my  
domain hosted by TextDrive. I'm following the nicely explicit (I need  
that!) instructions at http://instiki.org/show/Instiki%20On%20TextDrive

I encounter there this cryptic phrase: "Make sure the storage directory is  
inside the Instiki directory. You’ll run into problems when creating new  
webs otherwise."

Uh..."the storage directory"? That's the first reference to this anywhere  
on this page. Pray tell what are they talking about?

And by the way, does anyone know why this stuff isn't in a cookbook of  
some kind at TextDrive? Are those folks just constitutionally opposed to  
created short paths for common user tasks (or am I the only one who needs  
this kind of help??)?

Thanks in advance for any help.

-- t.

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