[Instiki] Instiki 0.11 with cgi/fastcgi ?

Julien Barnier jbarnier at ens-lsh.fr
Thu Mar 23 04:27:00 EST 2006

> Your site works for me. :)

Well, it seems a little... randomous ?
(sorry for my custom english) :-)

> Is it not running in development mode, by any chance? Development
> mode is not supposed to be stable.

Yes, it works in development mode. I didn't manage to turn it on
production (I just tried to set an ENV[RAILS] in environment.rb).

Moreover, I know that there are some 500 error problems at DreamHost
sometimes, and I didn't applied the existing workarounds yet.

> Instiki.org is running without restart on a Webrick for the last
> four days.

There is no doubt for me that Instiki is stable, I swear you ! I just
meant that I thought that _my installation_ was not ! :-)

Thanks for your answer,


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