[Instiki] Instiki 0.11 with cgi/fastcgi ?

Alexey Verkhovsky alex at verk.info
Wed Mar 22 23:37:37 EST 2006

Julien Barnier wrote:

>I had been glad to see the announcement of the 0.11 version of
>Instiki and its integration with ActiveRecord. This new release makes
>me wonder if it is now possible to run Instiki with cgi or fastcgi. I
>tried to do so, but I didn't manage to make it work.
Theoretically, yes. Madeleine backend forced Instiki to be a single 
process, but now it's not there anymore.
Practically, somebody have to try and make it work, which I haven't done 
yet. It may involve patching relevant scripts in ./public.


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