[Instiki] Help starting??

Chris Gehlker canyonrat at mac.com
Sun Jul 16 10:47:49 EDT 2006

On Jul 16, 2006, at 6:50 AM, Per Jørgensen wrote:

> Well - as I can read from the manual - you'll just have to start bu
> ./instiki
> then go to http://localhost:2500 and then you' ll get some question  
> ask
> about how the setup is?? or what is it me here that's wrong??
> I'll just get a totally blank page without any source or nothing ???
> I have changed the bind from ->
> Else I have tried it now on 3 machines (2linux - 1 windows ) and on  
> each
> an everyone 1 get the blank page!
> I normally running Arch Linux -- So have tried almost anything in my
> knowledge! I can see that there is another thread like this - but
> without any answers.
> Hopefully some one can telle me what I' m doing wrong! I want to use
> Postgres  - and have set up the db for it - Should it also make the
> changes in config/database.y?+ I was of the idea of that was I was  
> asked
> about the first time I got to the page ??

I think not. That's not the way Rails works and Instiki is now a  
rails Application. You have to set up database.yml correctly for  
Postgres and you have to have the Postgres adaptor installed in Ruby.


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