[Instiki] Instiki-ar: "There is no step 3" unsustainable?

Assaph Mehr assaph at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 05:25:47 EST 2006

> Caveat: IANAID (I am not an Instiki developer).  I'd love to hear from
> those who set the goals for the project whether or not they consider
> "there is no step 3" something that is important, or even possible to
> continue to deliver if Instiki-ar is to become the successor to the
> Madeleine-based instiki.

IANAID either, but I don't see how is that sustainable over multiple
platforms. There are just too many issues with repackaging and setting
up the databases that I guess this will have to be dropped. For Pimki,
I am currently developing an ActiveRecord adapter to KirbyBase (pure
ruby DBMS)... but WEBrick + KB probably won't scale above small
groups. Fine for me, not so good for Instiki.


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