[Instiki] Problem formatting the word LaTeX

Per Jotun per.jotun at uis.no
Fri Sep 30 08:14:41 EDT 2005

I am using Instiki v0.10.2 to write about LaTeX and my problem is that 
whenever I put the word LaTeX in a text or heading, Instiki insist on 
making a link of it like La Te X?
I use Textile as mark up, but I tried Markdown as well. The only place 
it turn out well is in a link like "LaTeX":latex

The source of how Instiki format the word LaTeX is: <span 
class="newWikiWord">La Te X<a href="../show/LaTeX">?</a></span>

Any solution on how to avoid Instiki making a "span class" and 
"newWikiWord" out of the word LaTeX?

Per Jotun
Stavanger, Norway

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