[Instiki] Can't connect to localhost:2500

mia mia at seraphmoon.com
Mon Sep 26 17:26:25 EDT 2005

> >I'm using OSX which seems to have Apache installed as a server.  
> However I don't know how to start it or if it starts automatically  
> or how to get an output from it.
> >Instiki seems to be running as it puts the Wiki button on the menu  
> bar. I don't know where to "Use `netstat -an`" or where to set the  
> proxies.
> >I've tried pinging & localhost and that works fine.
> >Sorry if this is all a bit basic for this list - I just want to  
> use a wiki for a personal file system and thought Instiki sounded  
> simple to get up and running.
> >Huw

     Point your browser to just "localhost" (no quotes).  If you see  
"Test Page for Apache Installation" then Apache's running; if not,  
you'll get an error page.  If you have an adminstrator password, you  
can start and stop Apache from Terminal by typing "sudo apachectl  
start" or stop respectively.  You can also use "Personal Web Sharing"  
on the Sharing pane to turn it on and off, but that opens up your  

     I'm running Tiger, and occasionally have the same problem as  
well.  If Apache is running, I get a 404 not found trying to go to  
localhost:2500/wiki/show/HomePage, and the default Apache page if I  
just go to localhost:2500.  What I do to get around it is to go to  
the Instiki homepage first and click on the "localhost:2500" link  
from there, and it automagically gets me to my wiki.  After that, I  
can get to it from my bookmark until the next time I restart the  


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