[Instiki] my wiki seems to have reset itself

Steve Downey sldowney at berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 6 12:13:26 EDT 2005

Tom Daggett wrote:

> I set up a wiki the other day simply by running 'ruby instiki.rb' at 
> the command line while in the instiki directory.  The wiki was working 
> fine and I added some pages to it.
> Now I've run the command today, and it's asking me to configure the 
> wiki again--like it doesn't know that there's already a wiki there to 
> configure.
> Any suggestions on what to look at as far what I might have done wrong 
> or how to get back the wiki pages I had already added to (without have 
> to manually cut and pate text from the log file back into the wiki)?

It creates/looks for the storage directory where you start up Instiki.  
Is it possible you restarted in a different directory or on a different 
port?  Do you see the storage directory?

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