[Instiki] Madeleine corruption - How big a concern

Assaph Mehr assaph at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 05:10:13 EDT 2005

> Bottom line: If you have Wikis you really want to protect, you should
> verify that snapshots get created regularly, backup the command log and
> a few of the most recent snapshots regulary, then keep that backup
> off-site.

I've noticed that the problem may actually be in ZLib itself. I've got
a corrupted snapshot that can't be unpacked in ruby or python using
zlib bindings or cygwin (g)unzip. I then opened the file in 7-Zip,
unpacked the (annonymous) contents and re-zipped them in GZip format.
I could then use that as the snapshot for Instiki. I haven't been able
to isolate what causes the rare corruption though.

So backing backup like mad is always a good idea, but there may be a
work-around if a corruption occurs.


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