[Instiki-devel] Instiki-ar tests pass, live instance running

Alex Verhovsky alex at verk.info
Wed Aug 10 10:07:56 EDT 2005

Rick Olson wrote:

>>I've finally had a chance to take it for a ride tonight. It works! I
>>mean, wow, it works, man!!! :)))
>>See also the commit comment in http://dev.instiki.org/changeset/341
>>(it's actually by me, not Rick - as are a few others).
>>Now, before we unleash it on the unsuspecting world in a form of an
>>official release, we need few things.
>>1. Functional testing.
>>  a) I'm going to update Watir test (test/watir/e2e) to work with SQL
>>  b) I'll don my tester hat on the weekend and try to break it
>>  c) after this, I'm going to ask people on instiki-users, rubyonrails
>>and TextDrive support forum to check it out from SVN and give it a swing.
>I noticed that the PDF and export functions did not work on my instiki
>installation on textdrive.  I haven't had a chance to investigate
>further though.
>>2. Performance
>>  It certainly looks good enough for a small wiki as it is. What we need
>>is to see how it copes with a large one under load. I guess, the best
>>way to handle that would be to take an export of rubyonrails.org, the
>>largest public wiki out there, import it into instiki-ar and hit it with
>>a lot of load. Statistically, with robots.txt in place more than 99% of
>>page hits go to show/<random page> and the RSS feeds, so these are the
>>two that need to be automated in vusers. All other pages are hit rarely,
>>therefore can be tested manually. The only problem I have is a test box.
>>Mine is a wee Windows XP laptop without lighttpd. So, I can do the
>>import and write the vusers, and even test the Windows/Webrick scenario,
>>but that's not our target deployment environment, obviously. Can we do
>>something better?
>I have a VC account on TextDrive so I can probably set it up with
>SQLite and Lighttpd.
That I have as well... not sure if it's a good idea to hit TextDrive 
with a performance test though... :)
OK, I think we can do most of our testing/tuning on our own PCs, and 
only then do in on a TextDrive, for a short time, with realistic load 
rather than stress conditions.

>  The RoR wiki would definitely qualify as a large
>wiki too.  This brings up the issue of migration scripts.  If people
>are going to upgrade to this, they'll need a simple way to migrate
>their wiki installation.  I have zero experience with madeleine, so I
>have no clue how it would work.
As you may imagine, I can handle that with ease... and pleasure :)

>I have a nagging feeling that performance won't be too hot for
>anything but a small site... When posts are saved they calculate the
>wiki words and authors and save them as tags in some many <-> many
Yeah, I don't even need a performance test to predict this much. Page 
must be rendered on save, and any local wiki hyperlinks must be stored 
in a separate table. Besides, chunks and markup rendering is quite slow 
itself (typically, hundreds of milliseconds per page). I haven't had a 
good look at this part yet, but as far as I understand we are not 
caching the HTML representation in any way yet, are we? It might be a 
good idea to store it in DB with a revision.

So, can you make this happen, while I'm toiling away on the 
testing/migration/packaging part?


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