[Instantrails-users] Using instant rails to roll-out rails applications

Philip Langer p.langer at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 10:33:09 EDT 2009

I'am curious, if there is a convenient way, to use instantrails in order
to roll-out rails application for the local installation on machines
without internet access.

We've the following scenario:
We've written a rails application which is available online. Now we would like to enable clients to use the application
offline. We've written an import/export feature for the application which makes it possible to move all data from one
installation of the rails application to another. Now, we want to enable clients to use the application offline (installed
on local machine) and export and import data (files) into the central installation.

Now the instantrails-question:
Is it possible for us to easily create a bundle of instantrails which automatically starts our custom rails application
without further manual configuration and manual application starting?
Are there any instantrails start parameters we could use to achieve that?
Or should we use a 3-party installer?

Has anyone tried something like this?

Any help is appreciated!!!

Thanks a lot in advance,

Philip Langer

PS: I added a support request on this topic as well:

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