[Instantrails-users] How to upgrade to rails 2.2.2

Robert Bazinet rbazinet at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 11:34:18 EST 2009

You do need to update your gems to at least 1.3 to get to Rails 2.2.2.
 Please type gem -v at the command prompt in Instant Rails and see what
version it returns.  If it returns anything less than 1.3 then your gem
update failed.

If the gem update did not work then you will need to try something a bit
different.  Run these command from the Instant Rails command prompt:

gem install update_rubygems

If they run properly, typing gem -v again should give you the latest gem and
you can then update Rails.


On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 10:46 AM, Leonid Raiz <Leonid at raizlabs.com> wrote:

>  Hi folks,
> I  downloaded InstantRails 2.0 and installed it w/o a problem. That
> brought rails 2.0.2. I would like to update rails to 2.2.2 so in Ruby
> Console Window I typed "gem update—system" and it run w/o a problem (at
> least I have not noticed one). However the subsequent "gem update rails"
> results in
> Updating installed gems
> Updating rails
> ERROR: While executing gem … (Gem::InstallError) rails requires
> activesupport (= 2.2.2, runtime)
> Trying to manually update activesupport by typing "gem update
> activesupport" results in
> Updating installed gems
> Updating activesupport
> ERROR: While executing gem … (Gem::GemNotFoundException) could not find
> gem activesupport locally or in a repository
> However I do see activesupport-2.2.2.gem listed in my browser pointed to
> http://rubyforge.iasi.roedu.net/gems/
> Any suggestions?
> - LR
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