[Instantrails-users] New release RubyStack for Windows / includes git

Giorgio Clavelli giorgio.clavelli at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 19:13:35 EDT 2008


If you can add Git to InstantRails, I guess that would be beneficial.
I've an a free account on Heroku and having Git already configured in
instantRails, would surely reduce my Rails learning curve. Beside
that, I prefer run a Rails stack without a binary installation, which
I guess doesn't allow to have more versions of Rails on the same PC.
Some months ago, I have tried RubyStack, when it seemed instantRails
was going to close. But when you took it to life again, I was very
glad to come back to it, as I have had some problems with RubyStack,
that I can't remind now.

Thanks for your efforts

On Fri, Jun 20, 2008 at 3:34 AM, Daniel <daniel at bitnami.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just thought I would let the list know of a new release of RubyStack for
> Windows, since there is a lot of overlap in functionality and may be of
> interest to some of you also using OS X and Linux. Please let me know if
> it is inappropriate.
> Like InstantRails, RubyStack is an open source, self-contained
> distribution of Ruby on Rails that is easy to install and use. It runs
> on Windows, Linux and Mac and instead of a ZIP file, it is a binary
> installer, so it takes a couple of extra steps to get running.
> In addition to Apache, MySQL, this release includes git and a number of
> new gems in Windows. The Linux and OS X stacks include nginx as well.
> You can see the announcement at:
> http://bitnami.org/article/new-rubystack-released
> Please let us know what you think, what we can improve, and feel free to
> ask us any questions you may have. We have learned a lot from
> InstantRails, so if we can help you in any way we will be happy to do so
> Best regards
> Daniel
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