[Instantrails-users] InstantRails 2.0 Documentation Issues

Shawn L. Djernes sdjernes at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 02:42:22 EDT 2008

First thanks for wrapping this whole thing together.  Getting an environment
like this going on Linux is easy for my but I need it on my Windows system.
I have been using IR 1.7 for a while, but since the distribution I will be
publishing the production application to is moving to Rails 2.0.2 I decided
to make the move.

Here is what I did:
1. Stopped all the services (closed IR 1.7)
2. Shutdown Aptana RadRails / SVN / Mylyn (all three developers are using a
similar setup)
3. Renamed the old IR directory OldRails
4. Used WinZip Pro 11 to extract IR 2.0
5. Copied my rails_apps and mysql/data directories over.  I do not really
use the Apache / PHP portion of IR so did not need to do anything to them.
6. Started IR up.  Started just fine.  MySQL GUI tools saw it just find.
Cookbook and Typo work fine.

Now it's all too good to be true:

In the how to upgrade docs it says to do this,  but I must be missing
something.  The box says nothing about SCGI.

You must create this SCGI configuration file for each of your Rails
> apps since it won't already exist:
>     * Select the menu command
>       "Rails Applications >> Manage Rails Applications..."
>     * For each Rails application, select it and press the button
>       "Configure SCGI Settings..."
>           o This will popup a dialog that will let you set the
>             runtime mode (development, production, test) and the
>             SCGI port number.
> Instant Rails preview3 uses Ruby on Rails 1.0 Release Candidate 3 (aka
> 0.14.2).
> If your Rails app was created with Rails 0.13.1, then you'll need to
> update the
> Rails files in each of you apps:
>     * Select the menu command "Rails Applications >> Open Ruby Console
> Window".
>       One at a time, move into the base directory for each of your Rails
> apps,
>       and then follow the upgrade instratuctions here:
> http://documentation.rubyonrails.com/release_notes/upgrading_from_0131_to_10.html
A pointer in the right directions would be appreciated.  I followed some
other directions on how to bring my app to rails 2 but I found a way to make
it start.  I renamed config/initializer directory.  Not elegant but worked.


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