[Instantrails-users] Setting up existing code in InstantRails

Scott Peterson swp at mho.com
Mon Jun 18 22:15:00 EDT 2007

I hope I'm not using this wrong; I was looking for a forum or something where I could get some help getting started.

I've downloaded InstantRails, can see and use the example applications just fine.  

A friend has built a Rails application we're both going to develop one.  I've hooked into his repository and downloaded the code to my machine (win XP), and have a bunch of instructions on running rake db:migrate to create the database and other things.

I'd like to get started, but can't figure out how to connect that code to InstantRails.  I figure if I can get it started, I can start playing around on my box getting used to the syntax and whatnot.

Thanks to anyone who has ideas.

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