[Instantrails-users] Does Typo work?

Yuri Klubakov yuri.mlists at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 15:19:24 EDT 2007

I am faking a reply as I don't have an original message.

> I started a new engagement last week and have already got my new CIO
> interested in Rails.  He's downloaded Instant Rails and called me in
> this afternoon wanting to know what he'd done wrong when the Typo demo
> crashed on him.  I haven't even tried Typo since taking a look at it
> over a year ago and just tried it myself.  It crashed on me too.  Has
> anybody verified that Typo works on IR 1.7?  There's a real chance at
> getting Rails in use here but, inasmuch as this is packaged as a demo,
> this is hurting our credibility with him.
> Thanks,
> Bill

I just came to this mailing list to report the same problem and I saw
your email.  This version compatibility issue can be easily fixed by
changing line 89 of InstantRails\rails_apps\typo-2.6.0\app\models\article.rb.
Delete 'Digest::', so that it starts with:

  self.guid = MD5.new...


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