[Instantrails-users] Instarails with existing Ruby installation

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Fri Jul 6 14:40:29 EDT 2007

Hi Nathan,

Zook, Nathan wrote:

> I guess I wasn't specific enough.  I was following the
> tutorial at <snip>

> I'm going to use source control, so my App directory
> structure looks like this:
> C:\App
>           branches
>            tags
>            trunk
> So I did:
> c:
> mkdir App
> cd App
> mkdir branches
> mkdir tags
> rails trunk
> No dice.

Your 'rails trunk' command generated a Rails skeleton app named 'trunk'.  If 
you're planning to use Subversion (SVN) for your source code control system, 
that's not how it works.  Setup your SVN repository, generate your Rails app 
per the tutorial, then import the app into your repository's trunk.  I'll be 
doing a tutorial on SVN for the cookbook app in the next couple of months 
but, for now, you might want to check out the one at:


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