[Instantrails-users] Need advice on Apache 1.3 Config

Curt Hibbs curt.hibbs at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 11:49:57 EDT 2006

Instant Rails 1.4 is almost ready for release. It replaces SCGI with Mongrel
(when serving via Apache), and Mongrel also replaces WEBrick for serving up
your app during development.

This release also updates Rails and to the latest version and the embedded
Ruby to 1.8.5, and it will automatically configure RadRails with the correct

The only thing left to do is to set  up the Apache configuration to use
mod_proxy to forward http requests the Rails apps being served by Mongrel.
I'm not an Apache expert. With  some research and experimentation I can
figure this out, but I thought maybe one of you could save me a lot of time
and help get this release out the door more quickly.

What I need is a Virtual Host setup and possibly an Alias setup for Apache
1.3 (*not* Apache 2) that will use mod_proxy to forward requests to a Rails
app being served by Mongrel on a given port. Any help/suggestions would be

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