[Instantrails-users] Problem installing plugin

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Mon Sep 18 11:10:27 EDT 2006

Is there a 'trick' to installing plugins under IR?  I'm getting an error I don't understand when I try to install the BackgrounDRb plugin (this is the first plugin I've tried to install).

I installed the plugin yesterday, or thought I did, and this morning I tried to start the backgroundrb daemon (from the sandbox directory I entered >ruby script\backgroundrb\start.  I got an error message saying 'no such file or directory -- script/backgroundrb/start (LoadError)'.  

So tried to reinstall the plugin using:
>ruby script\plugin install svn://rubyforge.org//var/svn/backgroundrb --force

During the download\install, the first line of the reponse says:
svn: 'C:\InstantRails\rails_apps\sandbox\vendor\plugins' is not a working copy

Then it goes ahead and creates vendor\plugins\backgroundrb directory with subdirectories, etc.  But I still get the 'no such file' error when I try to start the daemon.

Question is: what's not a working copy? Is it talking about the already installed version?  Or is it telling me there's something wrong with my IR install?   Anybody got any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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