[Instantrails-users] I get an error on any "running" option...even with Help/GettingStarted

Octavio Báez octaviobh at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 12 16:27:33 EDT 2006

Yes, I am a Cuban developer...therefore my "spanish" WinXP...but note that in Win2000SP4 "spanish" OS the InstantRails performs ok !! I tested it...

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Octavio Báez wrote:
> I have WinXP SP2 installed.
> Here the error text, note the "Kernel..." :
> Tipo de suceso:    Error
> Origen del suceso:    Application Error
> Categoría del suceso:    Ninguno

I notice that your environment is localized to another language. (Español ?)

Could ruby be having a problem with unicode or something?

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