[Instantrails-users] problems getting InstantRails working

William (Bill) Froelich wfroelich at dbsnow.com
Tue Oct 3 14:23:05 EDT 2006

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> Hi. My 1st post!
> Been trying to get Ruby & Rails working on a windows machine 
> for most of yesterday. Gave up after not being able to get 
> IIS to bring up a Rails page on localhost.
> So InstantRails seemed like the way forward. Got it installed 
> ok, but I cant get it to serve Rails pages, specifically the 
> cookbook app .. have gone through the instructions, and put 
> the index.html from the cookbook app folder into the www 
> folder. It says:
> The requested URL /recipe/list was not found on this server.
> (after loading http://www.railscookbook.com which redirects to
> http://www.railscookbook.com/recipe/list)
It sounds like you are trying to have IIS serve up your Rails app.  Out
of the box InstantRails is configured to use apache for serving the
apps.  I suspect that there may be a port conflict between Apache and
IIS on port 80.

I would try shutting down IIS and following the InstantRails
instructions to confirm that the IR setup is working as expected.  Then
you can decide on how to move forward with IIS. I recall from others
posts to the main Rails list that getting IIS working can be

> If i try http://www.railscookbook.com:3001 it just loads forever.
> This is all on Firefox.
> Thanks in advance
> Adam

This is typically a development URL that would be used with the dev web
server.  You can test this by going to the cookbook app directory and
starting Webrick from a command prompt.

c:\InstantRails-1.3\rails_apps\cookbook>ruby script/server

You should see output like the following

=> Booting WEBrick...
=> Rails application started on
=> Ctrl-C to shutdown server; call with --help for options
[2006-10-03 13:19:49] INFO  WEBrick 1.3.1
[2006-10-03 13:19:49] INFO  ruby 1.8.4 (2005-12-24) [i386-mswin32]
[2006-10-03 13:19:49] INFO  WEBrick::HTTPServer#start: pid=13148

Then you can go to http://www.railscookbook.com:3000 and it should load
up as expected (assuming you made the entry in your local hosts file).

What I typically use is http://localhost:3000 for my development testing

Let us know if this works or what results you get and we can try
troubleshooting more.

Good luck and welcome to Rails!


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