[Instantrails-users] problems getting InstantRails working

Adam adam at prettystudio.co.uk
Tue Oct 3 11:21:49 EDT 2006

Hi. My 1st post!

Been trying to get Ruby & Rails working on a windows machine for most of 
yesterday. Gave up after not being able to get IIS to bring up a Rails 
page on localhost.

So InstantRails seemed like the way forward. Got it installed ok, but I 
cant get it to serve Rails pages, specifically the cookbook app .. have 
gone through the instructions, and put the index.html from the cookbook 
app folder into the www folder. It says:

The requested URL /recipe/list was not found on this server.

(after loading http://www.railscookbook.com which redirects to 

If i try http://www.railscookbook.com:3001 it just loads forever.

This is all on Firefox.

Thanks in advance

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