[Instantrails-users] MySQL-Front question

Anna Penney annapenn at comcast.net
Sun May 21 01:46:26 EDT 2006

I've been going through the tutorial here:

About a third of the way down, right under figure 23 there's a section on 'Adding Recipe Fields'.  I just completed creating a recipes table and the Primary Index and auto_incrementing id have been made.

The thing that's baffling me, is that my results are not exactly like what's shown in figure 24.  More specifically, the null field should be set to no, while mine shows up set to yes.  I right-mouse click to check on the properties of id, and the default section is disabled and only the Auto Increment field is checked.  So, why does is the null property showing up as allowed?  

I tried click off auto_increment and look at it again, the null turns to no, but when I turn the auto_increment back, it turns null back to yes.  Very strange!

Any ideas?

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