[Instantrails-users] completing & verifying Rails setup

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Sat May 20 09:48:43 EDT 2006

Hi Anna,

I've never seen that error.  I'm assuming this is displayed in your browser.  Is that right?  Does the response contain any more information?  Are you able to connect to the database using MySQL-Front?  Any other information would be helpful.

Best regards,
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  I followed the steps outlined in the tutorial - pretty much steps 1-5.  When I tried to run the cookbook & started WEBrick, the command prompt window looked identical to that of figure 12...yet, when I accessed http://localhost:3000/recipe/list, I got this error:  Errno::EBADF in RecipeController#list... Bad file descriptor - connect(2)

  What does this mean?  Any assitance would be greatly appreciated!



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