[Instantrails-users] rails app directory not in c:\ir\rails_app

Scott Porad scott at porad.com
Fri Mar 31 02:47:49 EST 2006

i'm wondering if it's possible to have my rails app live in a directory
other than the InstantRails\rails_app directory.  for example, i have a
scenario like this:

 -- InstantRails
    -- rails_app
       -- cookbook
       -- typo
 -- SVN_Repository
    -- rails_app_one
    -- rails_app_two
    -- non_rails_app_one
    -- non_rails_app_two
    -- stuff_etc_and_so_on

so, i keep all sorts of stuff in subversion, and would prefer not to have
to keep it all in the IR directory.  is there a way to get IR to recognize
the rails apps that i have living in c:\SVN_Repository?


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