[Instantrails-users] AppTrain and how to trouble shoot in IR app setup.

jlm at justinfront.net jlm at justinfront.net
Tue Mar 7 12:38:17 EST 2006

There does not seem to be a script directory?
Also there does not seem to be a file named 
*apptrain/db/application.sql* as per instructions I tried to follow see 
The location of the files use is here

Any idea sort of lost
>    1. Install a local db such as MySQL
>       <http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/5.0.html>
>    2. Install Rails <http://download.rubyonrails.com/>
>    3. At a command prompt, type *rails apptrain* to create a default
>       rails app in a directory called *apptrain*.
>    4. download AppTrain
>       <http://rubyforge.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/cvs_root.tar.gz?tarball=1&cvsroot=apptrain>.
>    5. Unzip on top of your local *apptrain* dir.
>    6. Modify *apptrain/config/database.yml* to point to your local db.
>       (tested on mySql)
>    7. Run *apptrain/db/application.sql* using something like MSql's
>       Querry Browser
>       <http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/query-browser/1.1.html> to
>       create and populate the apptrain db.
>    8. In the apptrain/ directory , run *ruby script/server*
>    9. Hit http://localhost:3000/form and Create a form named [formname]
>   10. Hit http://localhost:3000/[formname]
>       <http://localhost:3000/%5Bformname%5D>

Curt Hibbs wrote:
> On 3/7/06, *jlm at justinfront.net <mailto:jlm at justinfront.net>* 
> <jlm at justinfront.net <mailto:jlm at justinfront.net>> wrote:
>     Hi
>     I am using instant rails which is really cool.  But every time I
>     download a rails application it invariably does not work, with help I
>     managed to get Rforum working but I am now trying AppTrain, however I
>     have no idea what to do when things just don't work ie you 'start'
>     webbrick and it just flashes a black screen up I have no error
>     messages
>     to check or..., it would be great if I could get advice on how to go
>     about trouble shooting.  But generally it seems that any rails app
>     needs
>     mods before running in instant rails, maybe some guides on this
>     would be
>     useful, if there is something in the Agile Web dev Rail book
>     specifically that I should read then let me know.
> A Rails app shouldn't need any special mods to run under Instant 
> Rails. What mods did you have to make for Rforum?
> If you're getting errors when you start WEBrick, then you really want 
> to start WEBrick manually so that you can see the errors. You can do 
> this by opening a Ruby console window using the menu command ">>Rails 
> Applications>>Open Ruby Console Window", then use CD to change your 
> directory to your rails app, and finally start WEBrick using the 
> command "ruby script\server".
> Curt
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