[Instantrails-users] AppTrain and how to trouble shoot in IR app setup.

jlm at justinfront.net jlm at justinfront.net
Tue Mar 7 11:27:26 EST 2006


I am using instant rails which is really cool.  But every time I 
download a rails application it invariably does not work, with help I 
managed to get Rforum working but I am now trying AppTrain, however I 
have no idea what to do when things just don't work ie you 'start' 
webbrick and it just flashes a black screen up I have no error messages 
to check or..., it would be great if I could get advice on how to go 
about trouble shooting.  But generally it seems that any rails app needs 
mods before running in instant rails, maybe some guides on this would be 
useful, if there is something in the Agile Web dev Rail book 
specifically that I should read then let me know.

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