[Instantrails-users] InstantRails Installation Woes

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Tue Jun 27 08:18:48 EDT 2006

Spolarich, Brian wrote:

>I can connect to my applications (they supply
> two samples), but nothing happens after the
> redirect.  If I launch WEBrick from the InstantRails
> manager WEBrick starts in a console window,
> but when I attempt to connect to localhost:3000
> I get no output.

Just want to make sure I understand what you're saying here, especially by 
'I can connect' and 'after the redirect'...  When you launch a browser and 
point it to http://localhost:3000 what exactly happens?  Does the same thing 
happen with ?

>  Something on my system seems to be making
> Ruby sick in general.  My other laptop works
> just fine,

Again, just to make sure I've got the picture, have you sat the two 
side-by-side, compared the process lists on the two, seen that they're 
exactly the same, but are getting different results?  If so, then one/more 
of the processes must be configured differently from the other.  One tool 
for checking this out is netstat.  Run it from a command window with 
 >netstat -h  to get a list of the options.

Not much help, I know, but it's a start ;-)

Best regards,

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