[Instantrails-users] a minor problem - NOT with Instant Rails

Curt Hibbs curt.hibbs at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 23:09:04 EDT 2006

I cc'd this to the Instant Rails users mailing list in case someone else has
experienced this.

I don't know, specifically, what's going on here. Usually when stuff like
this happens to me its IE that doesn't work.

I'd suggest installing the Firebug extenstion to Firefox -- one of the best
available tools for debugging AJAX stuff. With Firebug you can get a trace
of all you XmlHttpRequests and the responses from the server. It does a lot
more, but that alone may help tell you what's going on.


On 6/19/06, G-man <gregor007 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Curt,
> Thanks for being so kind and taking the time to respond to my little
> questions on programming!
> Of course, I really enjoy the nice package you have put together with
> Instant Rails ... the control panel is clean and easy, and the addition of
> Phpmyadmin makes it so easy to just hop in and hack away at the database
> during testing ...
> My problem is this:
>    - I've been developing a little app to help me record the jobsite
>    events in my construction inspection job - perfect for a database.
>    - I had v2.5 up and running, and I just released v3.0 to production
>    after working for about 2 weeks on a complete refactoring, which now allows
>    HABTM and AJAX for update requests.
>    - All works well in RadRails, but when I fired it up on the jobsite
>    in Firefox this morning, it seems ONLY the AJAX requests were not going out.
>    The regular database requests were working just fine, but anything AJAX
>    prompted a bunch of "no method" errors due to nil objects.
>    - I was running Mongrel, but then I switched to Webrick, and the
>    same thing happened.
>    - I tried IE, and it worked perfectly ... it seems RadRails also
>    uses the IE browser engine, so there you go.
> My question is: Do you think there's some kind of setting with Firefox
> that would block AJAX requests from going out? Maybe related to a pop-up
> blocker or something?
> Keep up the good work,
> G
> --
> Good Fortune,
> Gregor Jovanovich 714 651 9969 ...
> Father to some, Friend to all
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