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Curt Hibbs curt.hibbs at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 10:47:49 EDT 2006

Yes, Mongrel is a good solution to autostarting your Rails app, and if you
just want to serve up the app with MOngrel, then that's all you need to do.

But if Didier wants to run through Apache, he still has the problem
ofApaching failing to start. Look at your apache log files and see if there
is anything in there that would tell you why its failing.


On 6/9/06, William (Bill) Froelich <wfroelich at dbsnow.com> wrote:
>  Assuming you are using the most recent version of Instant Rails what I
> did is configure Mongrel to run as a service and automatically start and run
> my rails app every time I reboot my machine.  That way I don't have to login
> for the rails app to already start and I can then access it from not only my
> local machine but also the other machines on my network.
> I am running on WinXP Pro but this should also work fine for Win2k.  See
> http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/docs/win32.html for help on how to do this.
> Note the example is setup to run your app in production mode on port
> 4000.  You may want to remove the -e production parameter if you are working
> in development mode.
> Hope this helps!
> --Bill
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> Hi,
> working on Win2000, i have to launch IR at startup. Or to be more acurate,
> i need to do what must be done for a user just having to launch a browser
> and connect (locally) to my railsapp.
> 1) I simply dropped a shortcut in the startup folder and hoped ... 'til
> the next restart.
> It miserably failed : "unexpected end of Apache". No other message.
> When a bit later i manually start Apache, all is going perfectly.
> I suspected a problem with the port and changed it but it didn't improve
> anything, it was worst !
> Any idea ?
> 2) I read the FAQ (oh good boy i am ! ;-) )
> and discovered the question : "How can I auto-start my Rails app when I
> reboot ?".
> Of course I jumped on it ... and no way ! No reaction at all. Just an
> "unable to connect" error in the browser.
> Sure I'm missing something but what ? Do I have to configure something
> else in order to use that solution ?
> Help help help Mayday !
> Didier
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