[Instantrails-users] boot problem

Didier Vaiser didier.vaiser+instantrails at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 08:17:37 EDT 2006


working on Win2000, i have to launch IR at startup. Or to be more acurate, i
need to do what must be done for a user just having to launch a browser and
connect (locally) to my railsapp.

1) I simply dropped a shortcut in the startup folder and hoped ... 'til the
next restart.

It miserably failed : "unexpected end of Apache". No other message.
When a bit later i manually start Apache, all is going perfectly.
I suspected a problem with the port and changed it but it didn't improve
anything, it was worst !

Any idea ?

2) I read the FAQ (oh good boy i am ! ;-) )
and discovered the question : "How can I auto-start my Rails app when I
reboot ?".
Of course I jumped on it ... and no way ! No reaction at all. Just an
"unable to connect" error in the browser.
Sure I'm missing something but what ? Do I have to configure something else
in order to use that solution ?

Help help help Mayday !

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