[Instantrails-users] Instantrails or mongrel?

Tim Uckun timuckun at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 05:40:21 EDT 2006

> Would developing  in sqlite,  and  deploying to MySQL require any code
> changes / compromises, ( other than changing the production settings in
> config.yml)?  If not, then it's not worth reducing the size of the package.
> For the following reasons:

I don't know for sure. Theoretically that should be the case, that's
the whole purpose of an object relational layer after all.  I can
certainly see problems if people used mysql specific SQL in their code
though. Otherwise if they built their schema using migrations I think
it should work fine.

It would be an interesting test though..

Anyway I have another question:

Where should I put any additional gems I download for my rails app? I
am planning on developing on windows but deploying on Linux.

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