[Instantrails-users] browser connection issue tohttp://localhost:3000/ on XP ?

Spolarich, Brian bspolarich at picometrix.com
Mon Jul 17 09:46:52 EDT 2006

  I had this same problem on my new Dell SP2 system:  basically any ruby
app that needed to do sockets would hang in wierd ways.  This would
manifest itself in trying to run the InstantRails sample apps, as well
as trying to install Rails with the stock version of ruby (e.g. "gem
install rails" would hang when it attempt to download stuff).  I asked
in several places for help, but no one had any suggestions.
  Running "netsh winsock reset" and rebooting cleared the problem
  Thanks to Greg for sending this out.  I have a working Ruby/Rails
environment now. :-)


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	No... this is the first I've ever seen of this.
	On 7/14/06, gregsfm at tpg.com.au < gregsfm at tpg.com.au
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		Update - Got things working by using "netsh winsock
reset".  BTW: Does 
		this make any sense to anyone?

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