[Instantrails-users] Unzipping InstantRails-1.3a-win.zip takes forever?

David Wilson davidleewilson at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 19:49:02 EDT 2006

thanks to Curt Hibbs and David Morton for the feedback on the slow un-zip, I
think it was my virus scanner, it eventually finished and InstantRails is
more than I expected, that is the first time I have seen ANYthing install
the first time and work, kudos! - it even has a gui for MySql, neat! and
useful too since the Ruby on Rails book I am using is not quite up to spec
and I have to fiddle the database a bit


for the record - my processor is a 2.26 ghz intel pentium, the drive is a
hitachi 100 gb 7200 rpm with 10ms seek (I thought the 2gb memory would have
given it away ...)


I have stopped getting digests?? is something up with the list? 



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Subject: Unzipping InstantRails-1.3a-win.zip takes forever?


I am trying to get started with Rails - the un-zipping of the 1.3a file is
taking forever

it is still working, and the size and number of files in the destination are
growing, so I am letting it go

it has been an hour already and the progress meter is showing about 2/3 done

I am running XP with 2gb memory and 65gb free on my hard disk


is this normal?


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