[Instantrails-users] FX Ruby and directory structure

Mark Fellowes Zanoni at goowy.com
Mon Jul 10 10:00:25 EDT 2006

Two questions maybe seperate issues:

First the directory structure - Seems like there are a number of different top level diretories under c:\InstantRails.  Most of them I can understand but the \ruby is the one that concerns me. 

Under c:\instantrails\ruby, you have \lib but in that directory is another \ruby which has a 
\1.8 ( this seems to contain other ruby libraries

\gems (this has only a \1.8 directory under it - yet in there is a \gems which looks like extensions , including the rails stuff

There seems to be alot of different gems directories.  Which because I'm new to Ruby didn't concern me but was in the back of my mind to understand better.  Particulary when I wish to do updates, gem installs, or even svn (which I have not really got to yet).  

As far as the FXRuby question, I see 2 packages under the \gems\1.8\gems fxruby1.2 and fxruby1.4.4.  Yet when I try to install it fails with a "not found in repository" which I'm guessing is the local repository ?  Then why wouldn't it go out and look for it elsewhere ? Also on the FXRuby page it talks about the libFOX-1.4.so file which I can't find anywhere. 

Hope these questions are somewhat understandable at least. Appreciate any help I can get.


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