[Instantrails-users] Getting started

Bill Walton bill.walton at charter.net
Tue Jan 24 16:39:18 EST 2006

Hi Robert,

I just got started a couple of weeks ago myself.  I was able to work my way
through the "Rolling with Ruby on Rails" tutorials using Instant Rails but
had some frustrations mostly because 1) the tutorial was written for Rails,
not Instant Rails, and 2) Rails has changed since Curt wrote the tutorial.

Your timing might just be perfect.  I've just finished updating Curt's
tutorial (with his blessings) for Release 1.0 of Instant Rails running on
Win2K SP4.  I was just about to make a final pass through it but if you'd be
interested in beta testing it, please say so and I'll email it to you.  Same
offer goes out to anyone else who'd be willing to help.  I'm going to put it
on the Instant Rails wiki as soon as it's been checked out by some fresh


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> Hello, I am just getting started with instantrails and RoR in general.
> I just joined this list and don't see any archive, so if my questions
> are redundant, please forgive. Also, I am a unix guy forced to do this
> on my PC.
> Anyway, I got the demo's working and want to create my app. I click the
> "Create new rails app" and get the console. I assume this is the same as
> on OSX/*NIX and I type "rails myapp" which creates the framework. I cd
> into myapp and try to generate the controller, but I am unable. I look
> in .\script and see a generate script, but I is not a .bat. Looking into
> the script itself, it seems like all the paths use / instead of  \.
> Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have a quick start guide to
> creating a new app in instantrails or with RoR in windows?
> Thanks for your help
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