[Instantrails-users] Getting started

Robert Tortajada ps at rtort.com
Tue Jan 24 16:09:12 EST 2006

Hello, I am just getting started with instantrails and RoR in general.  
I just joined this list and don't see any archive, so if my questions 
are redundant, please forgive. Also, I am a unix guy forced to do this 
on my PC.

Anyway, I got the demo's working and want to create my app. I click the 
"Create new rails app" and get the console. I assume this is the same as 
on OSX/*NIX and I type "rails myapp" which creates the framework. I cd 
into myapp and try to generate the controller, but I am unable. I look 
in .\script and see a generate script, but I is not a .bat. Looking into 
the script itself, it seems like all the paths use / instead of  \.

Am I doing something wrong? Does anyone have a quick start guide to 
creating a new app in instantrails or with RoR in windows?

Thanks for your help

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